Hi, I'm Em Stroud.

Em Stroud is uniquely positioned between the creative and the business worlds. An Entrepreneur, Performer, Clown, MC, best selling author and a two times TEDx speaker she is on a mission to help all of us Laugh. Think and Play More.

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Em is on a mission to get the world to Laugh, Think and Play More, as we will then all feel better.​

If you want you or your business to be more successful, happier and more joyful then you are in the right place.​


If you are a leader

Find out how inspirational you are​

do you want to feel happier?

Laugh. Think. And play more.

work well & play harder

Using an array of tools from both the personal development world and business improvement techniques, which includes those mastered from the classical art of clowning, I encourage businesses and employees to “work well and play harder”.

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If you know that you want to feel more, be more of yourself and give yourself the permission to be truly all of you, yet you are unsure how to do it. Work and play with me for six months expect your life to change!



I speak as at many different events including as a keynote, a plenary speaker, team away days or workshops, I will energise your people and help them live your values of fun, joy, creativity and more..



For the brave and the curious who want to be even more of themselves in life and business


Em stroud

at Work

I deliver workplace talks, inspirational events and coaching to address staff happiness and wellbeing for startups, SMEs and global businesses. 

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I also work one on one, on an invitation-only basis with selected individuals and leaders who want to be more, feel more, and truly give themselves the permission to be and truly live all parts of themselves. 

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In short, I help people to be happier and be better through giving them an experience they will not forget. Curious? I hope so. Contact me to find out more.


The book aims to help readers get in touch with their creativity


A personal development podcast that will make you laugh and think


A focused one-on-one session for business leaders and individuals


As seen in:

Listen to
Clowning Around

The Podcast to make you laugh and think.



How can they help us explore who we truly are and challenge our own beliefs? In this episode, Em and her clown Barbara chat to two of the world’s leading lights in how psychedelics can help us all. 


Retreat. What does that word evoke for you? Join Em on a short solo episode as she chats through how retreating can help you in your everyday life.



How do we allow ourselves to have more humour in our daily lives? How do we find the funny in the business world? What stops us from being all of us at work? What can we learn from having Racoons? 

Lessons From A Clown Is Now In Audible!

Lessons from a Clown shares Em’s story of 20+ years as a performer, business owner, speaker, podcaster, emcee, coach, and clown and how all these roles enabled her to develop as a woman who is living her best life filled with much laughter.

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