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My recently published book, Lessons from a Clown, documents my journey to discovering my inner clown. Part memoir, part self-help, part stand-up; the book aims to help readers to be more confident, have fun, get in touch with their creativity and be happier and better as a result. Co-written with my Clown, Orange, the book gives teachings and insights acquired from 20 years of coaching, workshops and public speaking. It also offers five key lessons, which, taken together, have the potential to change lives for the better, filling them with laughter. They are: BE SEEN, BE KIND, BE PRESENT, BE PLAYFUL, BE ACCEPTING. 




In Lessons from a Clown, me and my clown Orange share how you can show up more confidently, and embrace opportunities while allowing yourself to have fun and find joy again.

In this accompanying interactive Playbook, readers will be able to take the 5 Lessons and translate them into your own world, creating the space to dream, think and play with how you want your life to be. The playbook offers all the prompts that you need in front of you. It includes practical ways for you to show up and ideas to try, including the fruit salad and the rainbow diary.

You can show up for yourself and laugh every day!
Brave enough to try it? Lessons from a Clown is available to purchase from Amazon here.

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