When you want your people to feel better, to feel energised and have a memorable experience based in a business context while feeling boosted with a joyful reminder of what it is to be human, then you need me.

For those businesses that have values of fun, creativity, energy, connection, engagement or similar let me show you how to live those values every day.

Em Stroud is without doubt one of the most engaging, informative, fun-loving speakers I have ever seen,

CEO, Vistage Group

Em offers a range of topics that are suitable for opening and closing keynotes (here my experience as a MC is very useful as Em can utilise all the skills of improvising to ensure Em ends your event brilliantly pulling together your day) – however do not expect a normal non interactive keynote from me – the magic comes alive when your audience feels human and alive so there will always be interactivity from me! 


Em can also speak and provide workshops for team away days, plenary sessions at conference and am also a very experienced MC so Em can easily host your fireside chats and panel discussion or indeed your whole event. Em also as an experienced performer can write unique after dinner talks that will entertain your audience – these are written as a one off – so you know your audience will be amazed and entertained. (these often include a song!)


Em’s topics are as follows and the outcomes include but are not limited to:

A New, Brave Way of Leading

Laugh, Think and Play.

To lead ourselves and our organisations we need to understand and develop our own growth mindset, and we need to think about how we improve the culture within our business. In this engaging, energy filled talk you will learn how to change the way you lead yourself, your team and your business so you can have more success in ways that might just surprise you.

Time for You

Why it matters for business success.

Wellbeing is vital for the success of your business. Time for you is a Wellbeing masterclass full of practical ideas to help your people feel better, and therefore perform better. This talk will motivate and energise people into action and will make a difference for everyone.

Mindset Matters

Shift your mindset and performance to engage more effectively.

In a competitive market place it is vital that everyone understands how to improve their performance, their attitude and how they connect. In Mindset Matters your people will learn how to shift their mindset, grow personally and focus on delivering brilliant customer experiences. This will energise your team and your conference to think and behave differently.

Conversations Count

Talk and be heard.

How can your people engage more effectively with your clients, your prospects and each other? In this engaging, energetic session they will learn tools to improve all their interactions including customer engagement, sales interactions and leadership conversations – thus helping build resilience in the changing business landscape.

Laugh, Think and Play More

for Success in Life and Business


Lessons from a Clown

how these simple five lessons can make you happier


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