Hi. I'm Em.

I am Em Stroud.  For over the last twenty years I have been exploring the worlds of Laughing, Thinking and Playing.  I have been doing this playing in improvisation (performing across the UK and globally), coaching some of the top of CEOS and business owners  and working with some brilliant senior leadership teams while exploring the worlds of personal and leadership development and the world of Clowning. (yip I really am a Clown!)


And it dawned on me: because I let my layers down, other people let theirs down too.


This has led me to have a unique insight of the world from the world of high level business success to creating shows that have been performed off the West End. 

My first number book Lessons From a Clown is a number one best seller and am currently writing my second.  I have been invited to speak at two TEDx events – my first which is the only TEDx talk to ever have been delivered as a Banana! 

I also have two successful podcasts Clowning Around and the recently launched Simply Feel Better Podcast.  I have spoken and Emceed around the world to audiences from all sectors and clients have included Bloomburg, Airbus, Barclays, King to name a few. I have been featured in multiple press places including BBC, BBC radio, Telegraph, Physiologies as examples. I am one of the cofounders of the new Global Movement Laugh. Think and Play. 

I zip around London on a bright yellow monkey bike (this really is a thing!) and am a proud Newcastle FC Fan, as well as being a music geek and proud dog owner of Charlie who you will probably meet on a Zoom call!