Why did you book me?

At Component Sense, we are passionate about our company culture. We host regular team
training and try to develop constantly (personally and professionally) through book clubs, surveys, and activities.

In April 2023, Component Sense celebrated its 21st year in business. We decided to mark this occasion with a trip to Budapest, as we have a lot of esteemed customers in Hungary. As part of this trip, we were keen to hold a training day for the Component Sense team.

We were drawn to Em for our training purposes for several reasons. Firstly, her playfulness and personality-driven approach to business development stood out from the crowd. Secondly, her
emphasis on the “human element” of business was striking, as Component Sense was built on strong interpersonal relationships and culture. Finally, we could trust in her ability to work well
with our company, given her extensive experience and positive reviews.

What did I do?

Component Sense spent a day with Em in Budapest. Despite some difficulties on our side
(unforeseen travel issues), Em was utterly accommodating and worked with us to ensure the training day ran smoothly.

Em began with a presentation, during which we learned about her background and her clown persona, Orange. We were encouraged, in smaller groups, to choose words which described a “confident” person in our own eyes. We then had to discuss with our group why we chose those particular describing words. We worked through our understanding of confidence, and it was interesting to see how they differed throughout the room.

Throughout the day, we played games, challenged ourselves to work as a team, and were
encouraged to open up with everyone in the room. There was laughter, tears, and some initial shyness, but the Component Sense team blossomed and thoroughly enjoyed their day with Em.
Em provided a range of entertaining activities, anecdotes, and some moving personal insights. It was a fun and varied experience for us all.

What impact did I leave?

Component Sense’s day with Em brought the company together as a team. The experience encouraged us to have fun, express ourselves, and find playfulness in our working environment. This aligned well with our EPIC values of entrepreneurship, positivity, integrity, and clarity. We felt our creativity was boosted, as was our understanding of each other. We have taken away some tools for creating more happiness, such as the Rainbow Calendar to improve work/life balance. There was a truly inspiring atmosphere in the room, thank you Em!

Marketing Manager @ Component Sense.